From the 20% Authorship submission, I predicted by the end of block 3 I would have produced the final publication that I proposed. At the time I knew this was very ambitious however, the lack of resources and access to studios has also hindered me in what I wanted to achieve by this point. However, this has given me the proper time in block 3 to carry out in-depth, visual research considering how projects in the industry are funded, how art can be connected to community, and what kind of work is being produced and reacted to in the current global situation. Therefore, block 3 became more of a time of illustrative exploration and I extended the parameters of my practice through daily drawing and responding to my research findings, and contextual research to back my major project which I will take into Unit X.
During this time, I have put a larger emphasis on external briefs in this block as I thought it was helpful to challenge my practice against external briefs to push my style to the limits. This has helped me visualise where my practice sits in the wider industry of art and design which led me to decide to produce a digital advertising outcome for the end of authorship. This outcome is a way to expand the reach of my intended idea on social media and through open calls and competitions; to get my voice out into the community, which will generate buzz around the project and the outcomes (like the full publication) that I will produce in Unit X.
Comparing my outcome to what I wanted to produce at the start, I don’t feel that I achieved as much as I could in this time period. However not doing the amount of practical work I wanted to made me have time for research about careers and how my practice will sit professionally. This has been very helpful through authorship and has set me up well for going into Unit X where I want to spend a lot more of my time producing illustration work and getting out of my comfort zone with how I can expand on my skills as a creator.
From here I will continue with my proposed project of producing a publication about the positive experiences people have had in the last year and include more of the ideas of being mindful and sustaining a good mental wellbeing during these difficult times. There are also external briefs that fit in very well with my project which I will continue and weave into Unit X, working to meld everything together as one big project.

Capture from 20% submission

end of authorship submission
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